The Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club (HKAHC) organizes league games and international hockey tournament year round to allow local players to stretch their skills as well as the public to appreciate the sport of ice hockey and ultimately get to play on ice themselves. In the past years, it has been evident that these events present a unique opportunity for sponsors to reach an audience beyond the conventional marketing tools able to deliver.

Below is the annual schedule of the Club which lists out the major events and activities for the coming year, which might just fit your marketing calendar so to provide your brand more opportunities and placements to activate consumer engagement and grow your reach than ever before.

Should you be interested in any of these upcoming events, please do not miss the opportunity and contact now to discuss further.


The Hong Kong Amateur Hockey League (HKAHL) – Fall and Summer Leagues

The Fall and Summer Leagues of the Club provide a platform for local hockey players to participate into hockey league games.

The Fall League has 17 – 19 games and held at MegaIce, MegaBox every year from October to May and it usually attracts over 200 players to take part. The Summer League has 6 – 8 games and held every summer from June to August.

The HKAHL is currently divided into two divisions:

‧ Novice Division (ND) – for beginner players who play on every Tuesday night at MegaIce;
‧ Regular Division (RD) – for intermediate players who play on the night of Sundays at the same venue.

Youth Hockey League (Asia Region) (AYHL)

Starting 2011, the Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club (HKAHC) works together with hockey organizations across the major Asian cities and create the Asia Youth Hockey League (AYHL) so to provide an elite hockey league platform for young players in Asia to compete.

AYHL is to be held in three different cities usually from November to March of the year. Each team is to be assessed on the accumulated scores throughout the season. The top two teams will compete against each other in the final Championship Game. The team wins this Game wins the League.

HKAHC annual dinner

Usually held in May, the annual dinner of the Club provides an opportunity for everyone to get together to celebrate the Club’s achievement in the past year and to share joy and encourage each other. There is also an award presentation to show our appreciation for the efforts and contribution made by players, partners, sponsors, volunteers, staff etc.

HKAHC International Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament (IAIHT)

Each September, the Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club (HKAHC) brings the City one of the most anticipating sport events –HKAHC International Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament (IAIHT). Over the last decade, the Club has brought in many hockey teams from countries and territories including Canada, China, Japan, Macau, The Philippines, Taipei and Hong Kong. The Tournament often creates a city-wide buzz and is becoming one of the annual highlights on Hong Kong’s sporting calendar. It also attracts fans from both the sports field and the general public as well as wide media coverage. Moreover, the Tournament provides a unique for sponsors to get to reach one-of-a-kind segment of customers.