Back in the 70s, few people in Hong Kong were aware of the sport of ice hockey, still for many it was never unheard-of. The ice rink available at that time was still in its primitive form. People who wanted to find out more about the game did not even know where to get the proper gear. But all these did not put them off from the coolest sport of all. After making many inquiries, a sport shop was located in then Mongkok and got what they wanted to start the game.

The first local batch of ice hockey players were at the then Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park every week to learn skating and the skills of playing ice hockey. They used whatever handy to make the game as professional as it could be, for example they built their own goal with nails and planks of wood. Soon they were joined by many expatriates then and in the course of time, in 1976, they made a historic move and formed the Hong Kong’s very first ice hockey team, Leader.

In 1979, a world ice hockey championship was held in USSR / Soviet Union, with another world championship held in Beijing, China in 1981. Players of Leader saw this was a golden opportunity to watch the top players in the world in action and learn from the hockey’s elite. Many were willing to pay for their own tickets and accommodation so not to miss the event. What turned out from this trip in the course of time, with the help from mainland officials, Hong Kong was admitted to the Hong Kong Olympic Committee in 1983 and in due course, became an official member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

Over the past few decades, ice rinks were being built over the City, namely Cityplaza Ice Palace, Ice Rink at Riviera Gardens, Dragon Centre Sky Rink, Festival Walk Glacier, the Rink at Elements and MegaIce at Megabox and of which the ice rink at Megabox now is currently the only local ice rink meets the international standards for playing ice hockey. With the better availability and quality of ice rinks, organized competitions have been being held on a regular basis to allow local players to gain more experience on ice as well as improve their skills in playing the game.

Nowadays, ice hockey has become one of the many recognized sports in Hong Kong. With the establishment of the Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey (HKAIH) in 2007, not only the adult players now are able to get to play on ice on a regular basis, local school children also have access to get hold of the excitement and joy of playing the game. At the present, there are more than a thousand players taking part in various divisional league games for adults, youngsters and inter-school.

精彩刺激的香港業餘冰球會冰球邀請賽2023經過5年後即將震撼重演! 這次冰球邀請賽將匯聚世界各地的6隊球隊,他們將在冰上展示無與倫比的技巧和無限潛力。無論您是球迷、選手還是對冰球充滿熱愛的人,這將是一個絕對不能錯過的盛事! 不要錯過這場冰球盛宴!我們期待著你的到來。讓我們一起點燃冰上的激情,共創冰球歷史的瞬間! Get ready for the HKAHC Invitational Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament 2023 after 5 years! Totally 6 teams from differen...
HongKong Ice Hockey Association is proudly announced to participate in the 2013-14 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships. Now ice hockey players in Hong Kong have a chance to showcase their skills and ability on the big stage. HKIHA are now opening the application to all hockey players who wish ...
With the help and support of all the clubs in Hong Kong and cooperation with IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation), the first ever 2012 IIHF World Girls’ Hockey Weekend will be held with the ice time on 22nd Oct, 2012. HKIHA cordially invites you as the girls to apply for the first ever IIHF World Girls’ Hockey Weekend to come out for a skate and give you a trial of ice hockey. NO ENTRY Fee is required. The entry form should be submitted on or before Oct 21, 2012, 5:00pm. With an hour of instructions at the biggest ice rink in Hong Kong, along with the coac...
The HongKong Ice Hockey Association (HKIHA) is pleased to announce that the Shenzhen, Hong Kong & Macau Ice Hockey League - Shenzhen Stop will be held on 25 Nov 2012 (Sunday) at Coastal Ice Rink, Shenzhen and we cordially invite our members and our Registered Club members to apply to participate in this event. The Shenzhen, Hong Kong & Macau Ice Hockey League is co-organized by HKIHA, Shenzhen Coastal City Star Skating Club and Macau Ice Sports Federation and subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). There will be 3 teams which are Shenzhen, Hong Kong...

Mega Ice

Our ice rink measuring size at 26 metres by 57 metres, is the only international sized, largest in Hong Kong. Situated in the Beehive atrium of MegaBox next to a 30-meter glass window with full views of the harbour, we are the Hong Kong's first venue to be able to host Olympic qualifying games and international leagues. The facility had further advanced Hong Kong's position as the host of world tournaments in ice sports. Aiming to bring Hong Kong for the first time world-class International skating competitions like Asian Figure Skating Championships, the Asian Short Track Speed Skating Championships. A multi-purpose venue designed for performances, concerts, exhibitions, corporate and private functions and even birthday parties.

Dragon Centre - Sky Rink

Dragon Centre is strategically located in the heart of the West Kowloon District with a population of well over 700,000 providing a wealth of opportunities for all kind of retail business potential. As the largest shopping complex in West Kowloon, the Dragon Centre is a popular landmark for both shoppers and tourist alike with many branded retailers and entrepreneurs choosing to open their shops in the Centre. Dragon Centre is certainly the ideal location to start up your retail business.

HongKong Ice Hockey Association Limited

The Rink will offer skaters an experience like none other in Hong Kong. We are the first ice skating rink to integrate the 'pay as you skate' concept using the automated Octopus system.

Our 'Open Rink' design concept removes the need for ticket booth therefore eliminating lineups and congestion. Utilizing this system, skaters enter the ice surface using their Octopus Card and pay by the minute. 'The Rink' does not operate on fixed time sessions, apart from the short resurface duration, this ensures that skaters have the most flexible access anytime during the day.

Cityplaza Ice Palace

The Rink will offer skaters an experience like none other in Hong Kong. We are the first ice skating rink to integrate the 'pay as you skate' concept using the automated Octopus system.

Festival Walk Ice Place

The Rink will offer skaters an experience like none other in Hong Kong. We are the first ice skating rink to integrate the 'pay as you skate' concept using the automated Octopus system.

Czech Inbternational Hockey Camp

Czech International Hockey Camp 2002 offers intensive on and off ice fitness and game-situation training, as well as high quality relaxation or regeneration.


Sport boardcasting network

Info on hockey referees and more!

International Ice Hockey Federation

It is a federation of member national hockey associations governing the sport of ice hockey and in-line hockey for both men and women.


Foster and encourage the sport of amateur hockey throughout Canada
Foster and encourage leadership programs in all areas related to the development of hockey in Canada

Japan Ice Hockey Federation

The Rink will offer skaters an experience like none other in Hong Kong. We are the first ice skating rink to integrate the 'pay as you skate' concept using the automated Octopus system.

National Ice Hockey Officials Association

It promotes the welfare of the game of ice hockey, its players and officials; to maintain the highest standards of officiating...