Hong Kong Women’s Hockey League Rules and Regulations


 Game Format

• Games will be play under full IIHF rules and guidelines except those specified here.

• Each team should have a minimum of 15 players plus 1 goalkeeper

• Warm up Session: 5 minutes (Both teams must stay on their own side of the centre line)

• Each team is allowed one 30-second time-out during regulation. No time-outs will be given during overtime or Game Winning Shots.

• Season: Games will be three (3) 20-minute stop clock periods with two (2) 3-minute intermissions. If at the end of this regulation time an overtime period of five (5)minutes will be played. Teams will defend the same end of the ice as the third period. If the game remains tied at the end of this overtime period, Game Winning Shots will take place. (Please read Game Winning Shots Procedure below.)

• Playoffs: Game format remains the same as regular season. If game is tied at the end of three periods, a 10-minute sudden death overtime period will be played. Teams will defend the same end of the ice as the third period. If game remains tied at the end, 3 rounds of shootout will be played if game is tied.

• Game Winning Shots Procedure- If no goal is scored in the overtime period then the Game Winning Shots (GWS) procedure will apply. The following procedure will be utilized:

1.       The procedure will begin with three different shooters from each team taking alternate shots. The players do not need to be named beforehand. Eligible to participate in the Game Winning Shots will be the four goalkeepers and all players from both teams listed on the official game sheet except as specified in article 2 below.

2.       Any player whose penalty had not been completed when the overtime period ended is not eligible to be one of the players selected to take the shots and must remain in the penalty box or in the dressing room. Also players serving penalties imposed during the game winning shots must remain in the penalty box or in the dressing room until the end of the procedure.

3.       The Referee will call the two captains to the Referee Crease and flip a coin to determine which team takes the first shot. The winner of the coin toss will have the choice whether his team will shoot first or second.

4.       The goalkeepers shall defend the same goal as in the overtime period.

5.       The goalkeepers from each team may be changed after each shot.

6.       The shots will be taken in accordance with rule 509 of the IIHF Official Rule Book.

7.       The players of both teams will take the shots alternately until a decisive goal is scored. The remaining shots will not be taken.

8.       If the result is still tied after 3 shots by each team the procedure shall continue with a tie-break shoot-out by one player of each team, with the same or new players with the other team starting to take the tie-break shots. The same player can also be used for each shot by a team in the tie-break shoot-out. The game shall be finished as soon as a duel of two players brings the decisive result.

9.       The Official Scorekeeper will record all shots taken, indicating the players, goalkeepers and goals scored.

10.    Only the decisive goal will count in the result of the game. It shall be credited to the player who scored and to the goalkeeper concerned.

11.    If a team declines to participate in the game winning shots procedure the game will be declared as a loss for that team and the other team will be awarded 3 points for a win. If a player declines to take a shot it will be declared "no score" for his team.  Borrowed players will not be allowed to take the shot.



If the goalkeeper of a team cannot play for any reason, the team will designate a regular roster player to dress in her place.


Team Ranking and Game Points

Three Point System

·             3 points for the winning team at the conclusion of regulation time

·             1 point for both teams at the conclusion of regulation time if the game is tied

·             An additional point earned for the team winning the game in a 5-minute overtime period, or the Game Winning Shots Procedure if the teams are still tied following conclusion of the overtime period

·             0 points for the team losing the game in regulation time

The standings will recognize the team with the greatest number of points as the highest ranking.  The team finishing ranked 1 and 2 after 12 games will compete in a 1 game Championship.

Tie Breaking Procedure

1.     Regulation wins

2.     Head to head result

3.     Goal differential

4.     Less penalty minutes

5.     Less goals given up


Composition of Teams

Team Manager / Team Coach / Team Captain

Team Managers are responsible for contacting players within the Team. They will also be responsible for communicating important information from the Committee to the players.

Team Coach is required to be on the players’ bench during the game and during warm-ups. He or She is expected to instruct players how to play in a game.

A Captain or an Alternate Captain is the only person allowed to speak with the Referee when invited. A complaint concerning a penalty is NOT a matter relating to the interpretation of the rules and shall be penalized with a Misconduct penalty (see rule 572)

 Full Time Roster Player (FR):

This player will declare herself to be on a single team with full commitment to that team and also having paid for the yearly league fees in full to the league. The stats of the full time roster player will be considered for awards.

Part Time Player (PT):

There will not be Part Time players on any team roster.

Loaner Players (LP)

Teams are not allowed to borrow players or use non-registered players.

Eligibility for Playoffs

Only players who are paid, full-time roster players are eligible to play in the Championship Game



1. 4 penalties of any kind in a game will result in a Game Ejection (or Game Misconduct where applicable)

2. No stick or equipment measurements of any kind shall be permitted

3. Players with fluorescent colored tape or colors inconsistent with team uniform shall not be penalized



Suspensions may carry on to the Championship Game and next season if there are not enough games remaining in the season for a penalized player to serve. Players who are suspended must serve that suspension without refund of payment.

• Any player incurring four(4)penalties of any kind in one game shall automatically receive a Game Ejection from that game. The Game Ejection does not carry any suspension, and is only effective for the remainder of that game.

• Any infraction, which involves the assessment of two different time penalties, including double-minor penalties with be considered to be TWO penalties.

• Any player who receives a Game Ejection for incurring four (4) penalties in a game and one of these penalties is not a minor penalty (Misconduct, 5+GM or Match) will have this game ejection upgraded to a Game Misconduct.

•Any player who receives three (3) Game Misconduct penalties in a season will receive a 1 game suspension. Each subsequent Game Misconduct penalty will result in an additional game suspension.

Any player who receives a Match Penalty will receive an automatic 2-game suspension

Players shall be aware that any action or actions of consequence which go penalized or otherwise can be reviewed by the disciplinary committee. This committee has the right and responsibility to hand down further suspension if deemed necessary.

Team Management

Administrative Officer / Score Keeper

The Administrative Officer handles the Club’s administration work, including collection of league fees and members’ registration forms.

The Score Keeper, during the game, controls the clock and the score board while also recording all information given by the Referee.