Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club will enter its 10th anniversary, and will use different projects to support the development of ice hockey in Hong Kong. Each campaign will focus on promoting youth training and organizing competitions in different exchanges.  By promoting to the youth and providing these opportunities, youngsters can broaden their horizons while gaining more experience in playing games. 

April 20, The Chairman of HKAHC Mr. Thomas Wu was invited to attend the "2010 Mega Ice Hockey 5's Tournament" media conference.  In his speech he referred to Ice Hockey in Hong Kong and how it is gradually becoming more popular. Close to 1000 people play games or train every week in Hong Kong. The number of people playing hockey has grown by 60 % in the past few years which is attributed to ice hockey organizations getting more involved in promoting the sport.

The Hong Kong Amateur Hockey Club hopes that in the near future, the development of local Ice hockey will grow a stronger base, and will be able to emerge with a group of outstanding young players, for the pride of Hong Kong. 

2010 Mega Ice Hockey 5’s Tournament
Date: April 27 to May 1 (Youth Divisions), May 4 to May 8 (Adult Divisions)
Location: Mega Ice, MegaBox L10, Kowloon Bay


4月20日本會主席胡文新先生應邀出席「2010 MegaIce 5 人冰球賽」傳媒發佈會,在致辭時提到「冰球運動在香港受愛戴的程度漸漸提升,到了今日,每週比賽及訓練人數接近1千人,數年間球員數目增長接近6成,這實在有賴各冰球組織一直以來嘅支持同埋參與。」


2010 MegaIce 5 人冰球賽
比賽日期: 2010年4月27日至5月1日(青少年組)、5月4日至8日(成年組)
地點: 九龍灣宏照道38號MegaBox L10

All the final awards of Youth Division are listed as follows / 青少年組比賽結果名單如下
Youth Division Winner 1st runner up
Atoms Beijing Fire Dragons Beijing Little Wolf
MSB Singapore Ice Dragon Beijing Little Wolf
MSA HK Selects Beijing Fire Dragons
Squirt B Beijing Fire Dragons Iceloong
Squirt A Beijing Imperial Guard Beijing High Hopes
PW/Bantam HK Selects Christian Voyageurs