HKAHC Council heard the appeal from the Referee Supervisor of the AHL Game#184 and went to great length to review the decision made on 24 April 2017 by the Disciplinary Committee. With new evidence presented in the hearing and professional views from a third party from overseas (experienced game official from Finland), HKAHC Council has verdict in an unanimous decision by taking into consideration of the new evidence and professional views, the suspension on Mr. Kelvin KO is now extended to six months with immediate effect.
In the AHL Novice Division on 5th of February (Verity vs Titans), Mr Andrew Ng received a Match Penalty for “Kicking” which carries an automatic 1-game suspension. The 1-game suspension is non-appealable. Mr Ng will be eligible to play from 19th of February, 2017.
Regarding an incident which occurred in the AHL-WED Regular Division (Gaggia Empire vs GI Japan), and which, the Disciplinary Committee reviewed the reports from the officials, Mr Roger Yung was given a 1-game suspension for “Checking to the head”. Mr Yung will be eligible to play from 8th of February, 2017.
Regarding the incidents in the Semi-Final game of Novice Division A between Bear Fighters and Crave Hong Kong on April 17th. Mr Jo Ma received 2 match penalties for “Fighting” UNDER RULE 141i and 141vii for CONTINUE FIGHTING… He will be suspended a total of 4 games, 2 automatic 2-game suspension. Mr Jim Liu received a match penalty for “Fighting”, it is an automatic 2-game suspension. Mr Ho Ka Ho received a match penalty for “Fighting”, it is an automatic 2-game suspension. Mr Neil Munsornplang received a match penalty for &l...