The HKAHC Council has approved to establish a Disciplinary Committee with a view to better its league management and to promote fair play.

The Disciplinary Committee is an independent body to rule on any incidents of indiscipline or unsportsmanlike behavior, affecting matches played in the various HKAHC competitions.

The current Disciplinary Committee Members are:

Mr Matthew Cheung (Chairman), HKAHC representative
Ms Adrienne Li, Solicitor
Mr Derek Hu, Barrister
Mr Willard Li, Barrister

The ambit of the Disciplinary Committee includes, but not limit to, the followings areas:

  1. Reviewing major penalties with dangerous actions.
  2. Reviewing cases raised by the Game Official Supervisor.
  3. Reviewing cases raised by the TM on the ground of dangerous actions.
  4. Reviewing cases raised by the HKAHC General Secretary on the ground of dangerous actions.

Procedures & Guidelines
The following procedures are to be adopted:

  • Appeal must be filed by the Team Manager on behalf of a team or player.
  • Review must be made within 48 hours after the match concerned or sentence has been issued to the player.
  • The DC will meet as and when required to do so by its Chairman.
  • The DC will act upon reports received from referee(s).
  • Team Manager requesting DC action will submit reports in writing to the HKAHC Office (Attn: Executive Director, HKAHC, ) within the timeframe set out in (2) above.
  • All referees, Team Managers and players are required to respond to DC requests for reports.
  • Final appeal can be made to the HKAHC Council and its decision is final.